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“A Textbook Insurgency” – Adbusters, July 2009

. I wrote this piece my senior year of high school, and it was published in the summer of 2008, after my first editorial wrestling match. I lost, and this is what came out:
“We sit around three clusters of whirring computers, watching our high school teacher read the lecture notes prepared from Harvard University professor Gregory Mankiw’s textbook, The Principles of Economics. ‘Trade always makes all participants better off,’ he says. I glance at a friend across the room. We both know something is not right about this.” (Continue reading.)


In the following list I try to catalog my more literary works that have been published in print or on the internet. If you scroll down you will find the latest piece published on this website.


“A White Male Writer” – Your Impossible Voice, January 2018.
“The Body Is An Object” – Juked, December 2017.
“Sodium Light” – 7×7, collaboration with Corinne Chaix, July 2017.
“An Emerging Writer” – Golden State 2017: The Best New Writing From California.
“The Blood-Sex Iconostasis” – Joyland San Francisco, December 2016.
“Elsewheriad” and “Checklist” – Permasummer, Winter 2016..


“Cat Gone Two Weeks” – Mendocino County Anthology 2016, Fall 2016
“Society of Scribblers”
 – MPITS website, Fall 2016
“Ode to April, 2014” – Noyo River Review, Fall 2015
Translation of “Lift” by Sergei Tretyakov – Summer 2011
Flesh Geometry – chapbook, self-published in Spring 2008
“Poem 5” and “Three Droughts Running Water” – Todd Point Review, Fall 2007


“Vote For Jill Stein? Six Arguments For, Deflated” – 9/13/16
“My 2016 Presidential Endorsement” – 9/12/16
“Letter From District 7” – The Harvard Crimson, 10/14/11
“Recline and Fall,” – Tuesday Magazine, Spring 2010
“A Textbook Revolution” – Adbusters, July 2009